Upcoming: To Trust an Incubus

To Trust an Incubus is an upcoming yaoi/bara visual-novel created by Yamila Abraham of Y Press Games. It has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter, even though there are still 40+ days to go. I knew it, though. So, the set-up is that you play as Kenta, a young man who is just starting to work at a scientific research facility run by a Prof. Raiden. There – while in a quarantine – he’s meant to care for 4 “aliens”, who, apparently, are incubi. They are Devi, Harsi, Saji and Vald. According to the game’s page, not only can Kenta “date” them, but it seems it might be possible for there to be some action between the side characters and the incubi and among the aliens themselves. I’m not really a fan of such a mechanic, but whaddaya gonna do. I mean, I don’t like every character to start getting it on with, well, every character.  Nevertheless, it also seems that the game might also have something of a stats system. I played the demo and there was nothing of the sort, so, if there really will be, it will only be present in the final version. Personally, stat raising isn’t (also, I know…) my cup of tea, even though I still managed to put up with it playing Tokimeki Girl’s Side.

For those not in the know, the bara genre still consists of romantic – although unfortunately awfully more sexual – relationships between men, but the difference from yaoi is that the characters tend to be more “manly”. Whereas manly is seen as being a lot muscular. This type of BxB relationships are also more frequently created by men, and targeted towards such an audience. Personally, I like it a lot more when the characters are more manly, but the thing is that – as I have pointed previously – this genre tends to focus a lot more on the sex that on, well, everything else.

This is not to say that I’m not excited for the game – I am – and I also really liked the demo. It was surprisingly long and you get a taste of everything in each incubi’s route. Really. The artwork is so beautiful! It looks so professional; I just loved it! They are all stunning, but I found Devi especially beautiful. Oh my. Kenta is also quite handsome, which I absolutely love, given that he’s the MC. Also, he’s versatile… I must also say that each incubi is really different and has a distinct personality and demeanor from the others. The professor was also quite funny. And by the way, he might just be bipolar. I guess we’ll really see when the game comes out. Oh, and Arata, the professor’s assistant, is your typical tsundere character. Except when Raiden’s around. Talk about having “senpai-notice-me syndrome”. Concerning the story…  almost nothing was given. It’s a good thing that the demo is going to get rewritten, really. EDIT: It’s sad how sometimes you go back to reading something you wrote and think “what’s wrong witchu??”. What am I expecting regarding the story? In a demo, usually you only get the set-up; the whole thing comes after, when the game has been fully released. It’s meant as an introductionDuh, me. Nevertheless, given that the premise is very simple, I guess it’s was a bit normal for me to feel a bit disappointed. Still, when the full game sees the light of day, I’ll actually see how the story plays out.

As far as the strech goals go, I would really like for there to be life after ending scenes. I always think there are just not enough of those in visual-novels… Besides that, I think having all characters versatile would also be a plus. I absolutely love switching! I also find it more realistic, but what do I know… But fear not! Yamila says in the FAQ that, given the feedback she’s been getting on this matter, she might just make it a reality even if the stretch goal isn’t reached. Yay!

The creator also said that she’s rewriting the demo in order for it to be more narrative-oriented, and, thus, for us to learn more about the characters. Also, from what I see on the page, the game is expected to be released by November. Until then – and especially depending on more stretch goals being met – this might be altered.

I’ll try to keep you all posted on new information regarding this game. I really recommend playing the demo! It’s a real treat! You can find it here. I’ll also leave here the link to Y Press Games’ Twitter account.




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    1. Whoa, thank YOU so much for the game and for bringing more western yaoi games into the english-speaking world! I can’t wait for its release! Good luck on current and future endeavors and may they be many!


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